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Artist Biography

Samuel Lay Sullivan’s journey with music started in his early childhood while gazing up at the stars over his hometown in New Zealand, and at the age of twelve he made the decision to take his dreams of connecting with the world on a deeper level and forge his path into sound.

Since his arrival into the Brisbane and Gold Coast trance world, at a prime age Sam was not only opened up to the sheer magnitude in which dance events hold the capacity for connection, but the emotions that were expressed without words in the music, the vibrations and the atmosphere. He felt the message within the music resonated within a spectrum far beyond our five main senses and his fascination with a deeper expression grew.

For the same reasons, trance artists Andrew Bayer and Andy Duguid have guided Sam’s process, inspiring him with their ability to create majestic sounds which find the perfect balance between uplifting and emotive melodies which compliment the dark and grooving basslines. This alongside the highs, the lows, and the perfect depiction of eyes closed, flying through the galaxy, is what music means to Sam and what he wants to create.

Sam’s ethos is visible through the full responsibility he has taken as an artist, self-promoter and entrepreneur in the creation of his small empire from the ground up. Not only is he a self taught musician, he has created his own website, ‘Unity Emotive’ podcast, and launched his label ‘Pleione Records’ on which is first release will be his very own EP ‘Light Above Stars.’ With all his hard work already paying off, Sam has now decided to take his first intentional footsteps to launch himself as a musician, and share his interpretation of emotion and love for the universe through the vehicle of Trance music.

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